Suite Uses








In the years since Salon Suites International originally opened in 2002,
we have seen the services that are offered in our unique salon concept
go from just hair stylists to a wide-variety of uses that not only include
the Beauty profession, but Health & Wellness Professionals, Medical and
more! Today, we encourage a variety of services so that each suite holder
can know that their customers can find all of the services that they are
looking for in just one place.

Some of our Suite Uses Include:

  Hair Stylists & Colorists
  Hair Extensions & Hair Removal
  Nail Services
  Professional & Permanent Make-Up Artists
  Tattoo Removal
  Massage & Body Works
  Skin Care & Clinical Estheticians
  Botox, B-12 & Hormones
  Health & Wellness Coaching
  Holistic & Fitness Services
  Medical Consultations

And these are only some of the uses that can be accommodated
at Salon Suites International. If the services you offer are not
included here, please contact us today and let’s see if a Salon
Suites is right for you!